Oregano Oil ADP 120 tablets
  • Oregano Oil ADP 120 tablets

Oregano Oil ADP 120 tablets

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   Oregano Oil is a standardized extract of the oil of oregano, emulsified in a sustained release form. ADP is useful in toxic bowel syndrome, parasites, candida and other fungal/yeast problems of the bowel and genital-urinary tract. We have also found that ADP can be useful for upper respiratory bacterial infections. As time goes on, we are finding that the product is perhaps as useful, or more useful, with many resistant infections, than it is in yeast problems. Upper respiratory infections are often antibiotic resistant. In those cases where antibiotics are not completely successful, we have had excellent results with ADP. Until we learned how to use ADP clinically, we had some cases where we were not completely successful. We later found the reason was because we did not dose it heavily enough in the initial stages of therapy. The laboratory and clinical studies that were completed with the product indicated ADP was effective at three or four tablets 3 times daily. We later found that you should use it at five or six tablets three times a day for a week and then three or four tablets three times a day for the following four weeks.

ADP oregano is the only patented oregano oil formula.

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